This tutorial was written by me on April 17th, 2014 and is my own creation. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

PS Version used: PS CS3

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PS.


Tube of choice. I am using the art of Pinuptoons. I purchased this tube when he was with CILM. You can now purchase his tubes here

PTU kit Jenny by Creative Scraps by Crys. You can purchase it here

Mask 1 by me. You can grab it here

Font of choice. I am using Kleymissky.


*Resizing: To resize/scale, drag your elements to your working canvas and then with the move tool selected, check the ‘Show Transform Tools’. Then while holding down the Shift button, drag the corners inward to resize to the desired size.*

Open Frame 2. Set the canvas size to 900 x 900. Now set the image size to 600 x 600.

Open Paper 5. Drag over to your frame. Move this layer below the frame. Highlight your frame layer and with your magic wand tool, click inside the frame. Select, modify, expand by 10. On the paper layer, Select, Inverse and press delete. Deselect.

Add your elements. I used the following elements:

Element 26 – resize & place in the lower right corner of the frame. Duplicate & place to the upper left corner of the frame. Merge these two layers together. Move this layer above the frame layer.
Element 11 – resize & place to the top of the frame.
Element 23 – resize & place to the bottom of the frame.
Element 16 – rotate canvas 90CW. Resize & place over the ribbon.
Element 10 – resize & place to the bottom left.
Element 29 – resize & place to the left side.
Element 12 – resize & place over the top of the frame. Duplicate & place over the bottom of the frame.
Element 31 – resize & place over the box.
Element 17 – resize & place to the lower left of the glass.
Element 15 – place to your liking.

Now to add your tubes:

Place 2 copies of your tube over the paper layer. When you are satisfied with the placement, merge the tube layers together. Ctrl + Click on the thumbnail for the paper layer. Select, inverse and press delete.

Ctrl + A, Image, crop. Deselect.

Duplicate your merged tubes layer. Gaussian blur, 3.00. Set the blend mode to Screen, opacity 60. On the original layer, set the blend mode to Luminosity, opacity 30.

Place a copy of your tube layer just below your top layer, resize as necessary. Place slightly to the right.

Open your mask & Paper 2. Place your paper above your mask layer on your mask image. With the mask layer highlighted, Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C. On the paper layer, press Q, Ctrl + V. Press Q again and then in the layer palette, click on the Add layer mask button. Right click over the paper layer, Convert to Smart Object, and then right click again & Rasterize layer. Deselect. Now drag your masked paper layer onto your working canvas. Move this layer to the bottom. Duplicate twice. Merge your mask layers together.

Apply a drop shadow of choice to your layers, merge visible. Add you name, copyright, and license info. Save as a PNG.

Thanks for checking out my tutorials.


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