Fabulous 50s


This tutorial was written by me on June 24th, 2014 and is my own
creation. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely
coincidental and unintentional.

PSP Version used: PSP X5

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge
of PSP.


Tube of choice. I am using an exclusive prepaid tube from Jay Trembly when he was with SATC. He is now retired and his tubes no longer available.

PTU Fabulous 50s kit by Freeks Creations. You can purchase it here

Template 238 by Toxic Desirez. You can find it here

Mask 2 from Mask Set 24 by me. You can grab it here

Font of choice. I am using Swinger Casual.


Open your template & mask. Minimize your mask for now.

On your template, delete the credits layer. Set the canvas size to 850 x 729. Resize all layers by 71%.

Open Paper 1. Copy & paste as a new layer just above the Raster 1 layer. Apply your mask, merge group.

Now lets add the remaining papers:

Raster 8 – Paper 7
Raster 9 – Paper 6
Raster 7 – Paper 3
Raster 6 & Copy of Raster 6 – Paper 8
Raster 3 – Paper 6
Raster 5 – Paper 5
Raster 2 – Paper 1
Raster 10 – Paper 5
Raster 11 – Shift + L, 0, 0. Add noise, gaussian, 25, monochrome checked.
Raster 4 – Paper 7

Now you can add your elements:

Ribbon – resize by 92%; place to the bottom
Splatter – resize by 80%; place to the top of the template.
Juke Box – resize by 55%; place to the bottom right.
Car – resize by 65%; place to the bottom center.
Cola – resize by 40%; place to the bottom left.
Fries – resize by 30%; place to the bottom left side of the cola.
Fuzzy Dice – resize by 35%; place to the upper right.
Jacket – resize by 50%; place to the upper left corner, rotate slightly to the left.

Add your tube, resize as necessary. Place so she is sitting on the car.

Add your name, copyright, & license info. Apply a drop shadow of choice, then merge visible. Save as a PNG.

Thanks for checking out my tutorials.


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