On Bourbon St Extras

I had a bit of trouble with my mojo for this kit…but think I finally put something together worth seeing!

Designer: BLT Dezignz

Kit: On Bourbon St

*Click on the image to view full size*

BJ_OnBourbonSt_Congrats BJ_OnBourbonSt_Fabulous BJ_OnBourbonSt_Hello BJ_OnBourbonSt_ThankYou BJ_OnBourbonSt_Welcome


Fired Up Extras

Designer: BLT Dezignz

Kit: Fired Up

FiredUp_Awesome FiredUp_Congrats FiredUp_MePlease FiredUp_Thanks FiredUp_UrWelcome

Dapple Blossom Extras

Designer: BLT Dezignz

Kit: Dapple Blossom

F_DappleBlossom_BestWishes F_DappleBlossom_CheckingIn F_DappleBlossom_IClicked F_DappleBlossom_TagMe F_DappleBlossom_ThankYou

Extras – Pocket Full of Posies

Designer: BLT Dezignz

Kit: Pocket Full of Posies

BJ_PocketFullofPosies_Hello BJ_PocketFullofPosies_LOL BJ_PocketFullofPosies_TagMe BJ_PocketFullofPosies_Voted BJ_PocketFullofPosies_WTTG

Mauve Cocoa Extras

Designer: BLT Dezignz

Kit: Mauve Cocoa

*Click on the image to save the full-size image*

M_MauveCocoa_CheckingIn M_MauveCocoa_Congrats M_MauveCocoa_Snagged M_MauveCocoa_TagMe M_MauveCocoa_ThankYou

Julep Garden Extras

Here are some beautiful extras from my newest tutorial, Julep Garden.


AP_JulepGarden_Congrats AP_JulepGarden_GoodMorning AP_JulepGarden_SnaggedSaved AP_JulepGarden_TagMe AP_JulepGarden_Thanks

Write It Down Extras

I just finished working with this very pretty kit from BLT Dezignz called Write It Down.

My previous post is the tutorial for the extras.

Happy Snagging!

VM_WriteItDown_CheckingIn VM_WriteItDown_Congrats VM_WriteItDown_GoodJob VM_WriteItDown_Thanks VM_WriteItDown_UrWelcome

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