With me designing again, I have decided to merge with my design blog.

I will still be CTing & creating plenty of free masks, but everything will now be posted on my design blog.

My design blog is located here >>> Rachel Designs


Taking A Break

I have recently removed myself from all the CT’s that I created for as I have zero interest right now. I may make a few things here and there, but nothing on a regular basis.

We are all evolving…day to day…year to year. Over the years, due to abuse issues and depression, I have lived on the internet…taking up working with graphics. I have finally come to a point in my life when all of that is no longer important to me…or something I wish to focus on.

I am planning on resigning from my position at the Creative Chicks as well. It’s becoming more of an inconvenience to be part of their amazing team…just because my life is so busy now with working and currently remodeling my home.

Instead of tagging being my daily thing, it will be a once in a while thing.

Maybe after a period of time, I will return with some great tuts and goodies, but for now I am taking a much needed break.

Tutorial Update

I wanted to post this for anyone who was confused on my Red Seduction tutorial.

I didn’t realize I forgot to post a screenshot in the tutorial showing where to select the sides of the tube. 

I’m very sorry for this oversight on my end, and you will be happy to know that I have added the missing screenshot to indicate what areas to select.


New to Scrap-A-Licious

There’s a new designer at Scrap-A-Licious….ME!!!

Yes, after several months, I’ve decided to start designing again under my new name, Rocked by Rachel!

To get you started…I have two new brand new kits!



This beautiful kit is a tribute to my bestie, Kandii Popz Dezignz!

This tagger sized kit includes 50 elements & 10 papers.



This taggers sized kit includes 45 elements & 10 papers.

You can purchase both kits only @ Scrap-A-Licious!

New Blog

Welcome to my new tutorial site!

I have decided to change my name for the first time ever…I’m evolving, changing, getting to know the real me better. Instead of hiding behind a name, I am removing that mask.

I have been known in the tagging world as Lexi Creationz for quite some time. 

I hope you will continue to enjoy my tutorials and stick with me through the transition of changing my tagging name.

I will keep my tutorial blog up, but will be using this one from now on. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.